"Exceptionally gifted. I was stunned by her work." Carolyn Forché

“An extraordinary writer, Cohen is an unusually gifted and intelligent person who has contributed greatly to our program (UNCW). She developed rapidly and distinguished herself as one of our best writers. Seasoning also seems brilliant to me, in the manner of Marilynne Robinson or Charles Frazier—that dense and deep and justifiably extravagant. It earned her our top thesis award for her genre.” Poet Michael White

“None who has passed through our critical and demanding program has ever so captivated us with the depth, quality, and consistency of work as she has. The entire faculty of writers, as well as her peers, is in awe of her unique talent and dedication. As someone whose lifework has been as a literary agent, an editor, and a publisher, for writers ranging from Jack Kerouac to Bharati Mukherjee, I am confident Cohen will achieve major publication and enjoy a long and fruitful writing career. Rarely does one find a writer so ready to spring forth.” Stanley Colbert

“I can say without qualification that she is one of the two or three strongest graduate students of my thirteen years of teaching on the graduate level. She wrote a publishable novel during my fiction workshop class. The novel was a complex and fascinating piece of fiction. Cohen has a feel for scene and action. It’s just a marvelous piece of work. All her work was of the quality I would expect from fellow faculty members, not from students.” Clyde Edgerton

“Everybody who reads her says she is a genius waiting to happen, or rather, happening, but so far read by a select few. Unbelievable, really, the level of talk her work has already generated, without being published. A quiet, building storm....” Rebecca Lee

Thanks so very much for your kind words. Best, Claudette